We have a social and friendly group of players, we play at a recreative level and do not take part in official competitions. Playing here means that your not obliged to play every thuesday, its everyones own choice to play or not. Of course the more players on the court gives a better chance of finding players of the same skill level and ensuring a challenging game! There is also the chance of course to improve your skills and fitness.
We do not play official competitions although we began last year with a ladder competition that has led to some fanatical games and good natured posturing. The opportunity every thuesday to stretch the muscles and the chance to discuss the evenings games on the bar is also an important part of our social club.
The ages of the club range from 16 to 70, so age really is no barrier to playing at Batavo, so come along and sample the atmosphere at our club.

The costs are

Senior member         €65,00            

Senior plus partner  €120.00

Junior member         €45,00           

Second junior member€35,00 (tot 18 jaar)

We have rackets waiting for you!
The committee